Gutting Out Optimal Use of Natural Skill-Sets in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is everblooming, and honestly, the sky is the limit. Evolving life scenarios and updating government regulations have opened a new gateway for people to tap into whole new possibilities. Here’s a detailed guide to help you successfully transition from your routine job into a reliable cannabis business.

As the cannabis industry grows, it is also becoming a major brewery for new job opportunities. Still, if you have no experience working in cannabis, the prospect of transitioning careers may seem challenging.

Many professionals and newbies are quite unaware of the fact that how their individual experience and work history might boost their prophecy in the cannabis industry. Interestingly, people with no direct connection or knowledge of cannabis can effectively jump into the cannabis industry and curate a reliable career.

Booming Cannabis Market

As per the Leafly jobs Report 2021, the legalization of medical cannabis has furbished around 321000 full-time jobs around America. As per the Leafly report, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the major sectors saw a steep decline in job creation, Cannabis Industry still prompted more than 77,000 new jobs and sheltered thousands of families in 2020.

Another factor that contributed to such a high number of job creation is labeling the cannabis business as essential in many states across America during the lockdown phase. With such remarkable job growth and resilience, the cannabis industry does forefront an attractive career opportunity and steadfast growth.

Limited availability of reliable talent pool

As the cannabis industry is in its infant stage the HR departments across America have to rigorously study the essential skills required for the newly developing medical cannabis domain. This industry lacks an established workforce and requires a fresh lookout for employers to ascertain desired skill sets and hire people fitting in the new job roles.

According to various job consultants, it is particularly easy to inculcate working professionals of other fields if they have certain skill sets like communication skills. In the end, it’s easier to teach new hires about the in & outs of cannabis than it is to train them on a brand new skills such as intuitive communication skills or customer services.

Understanding your strengths

Most likely the first question that would strike your brain is how would I know if I am compatible with the cannabis industry. Well, a competency-based SWAT assessment is an effective means to understand if the cannabis industry is suitable for you or not. As per various training and job consultant firs, a competency-based assessment helps measure the observable behaviors that successful performers demonstrate while working on any given assignment. These behavior patterns result from a set of different abilities, knowledge, motivations, traits, and skills an employee may have.

Assessment based on competency help understands the skills one must have developed thought their life. For instance, people that have worked as chefs generally have great time management skills and can perform smooth multi-tasking. Seemingly individuals who have experience in administrative jobs are likely to have good communication abilities and computer skills.

Look out for your Ideal Job

After acknowledging you’re most vital skills using competency-based analysis, you can start looking for your dream job in cannabis. Ensure that while switching to a new career and a new industry, it is only possible on the bases of your established skills.

The first step to joining the cannabis industry is to identify the best suiting job description and designation. Have an eye on multiple job placement websites and once you clutch on to the most relevant and interest-oriented job, search for the competencies that match your background. For instance, if you had a customer services background you can confidently apply for front desk job roles.

Curate a Dynamic resume

Employer of any industry imprints your persona through your resume. If your resume does not define you it’s time to revamp it. Curate a well-informed resume highlighting all your essential details and skillsets for that unforgettable first impression. If you can impress the employer with your resume, half the battle is won.

It is better to be truthful than an exaggerator

It is always best to stay truthful in your resume and not flaunt skills that you don’t have. If you do so it is quite likely you will not pass the interview stage and burden yourself with rejection. So, try to be more grounded and show your sunny side up. I am sure if you follow the step-by-step guide mentioned above you will surely secure the best designation, not only in the cannabis industry but rather in any field of your interest. To know more you can visit and even scroll through wholesome hemp-based products. Happy hemping!

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