Hemp Faq's

Everything you need to know about Hemp

Very few people experience some minor side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea etc.

Yes, CBD oil is allowed at airport, commercial transportation needs customs clearance.

Yes, hemp fabric is dyeable with long lasting effect.

Yes, hemp cosmetic products which are available in the market are certified and approved products and they are totally safe for use.

Hemp cosmetic products have the advantage of quick absorption and penetration to skin for skin glow and cell growth.

No, to use hemp cosmetic products, consumers do not need any prescription.

One of the most important reason for saying hemp fabric is better than cotton is, it consumes one tenth of the water during cultivation as compared to cotton. Secondly it is more skin friendly and durable.

Yes, CBD oil is very much legal in India.

Hemp seed oil is extracted only from hemp seed and CBD oil is extracted from flowers, leaves and other parts of the hemp plant.

Drying of wet hemp fabrics in high heat makes the fabrics shrinks.

No, till date there is no record of any side effects of hemp cosmetic products.

Yes, hemp cosmetics are easily available in the market.

Hempcrete are environment friendly, negative carbon footprint, control humidity, easy to construct etc.

People prefers hemp ropes in ships because it is very strong, durable and sustain longer in saline sea water.

Hempcrete walls are very much sustainable in various weather conditions including rain.