Industrial Hemp Faq's

Everything you need to know about Hemp

Industrial Hemp a plant that belongs to cannabis sativa family. It is used in pharmaceuticals and other products.

No, consumption of industrial Hemp does not cause psychoactive effect because it contains less than 0.3% of THC.

Hemp seeds are rich in protein, omega3 and various other nutritional components with no psychoactive substance, so it can be used in any food item.

Hemp biofuel is renewable source of energy and is less polluter than petroleum.

Consumption of Hemp products is legal in India but License for cultivation is required.

Required rainfall for cultivation of industrial Hemp is in between 600 mm to 800 mm per year.

Hemp cannot be cultivated in swamp area because, Hemp cannot tolerate water logging.

No.  Hemp cannot cultivate in zero-degree area as it can tolerate zero-degree temperature not more than few weeks.

Yes, any citizen of India can cultivate hemp in commercial scale after getting proper license from concerned authorities

Hemp carries negative image because of its relation with cannabis family of plants. People assume hemp as a psychoactive product like Bhang and Ganja.

We need to cultivate industrial hemp because all parts of the plants are used in various products which are very good for our health and environment.

Yes, anyone can purchase industrial hemp seeds.

Still Hemp is a prohibited plant in India, so we need a lot of clearances and licenses for cultivation

Yes, food products which contains Industrial hemp or CBD can be sold in open market by a registered shop.

Yes, industrial Hemp can be harvested by hand, if the area is tough hilly area where harvesters are not allowed.

The suitable soils for cultivation of hemp are well drain, organic rich loam soil, sandy loam soil and clay loam soil.

Both industrial Hemp and Marijuana are plants that belongs to cannabis sativa family. The difference is on the level of content of THC. Industrial Hemp contains less than o.3% of THC.

Generally, cultivation of Hemp does not require pesticides and chemicals?

Hemp fabric is softer and durable than cotton, also it consumes one tenth of the water than cotton during cultivation.

CBD is a Phyto cannabinoid extracted from Industrial Hemp.

Yes, Hemp can be cultivated in India but only after taking proper licenses and approvals.

The suitable temperature range for farming of hemp is in between 16oC to 27oC.

The suitable pH value of soil for cultivation of hemp is in between 6 to 7.5.

Well drain area without any water logging is the best drainage condition for hemp cultivation.

Yes, any person can carry industrial hemp seeds and its products without fear of arrest in India.

No, industrial hemp can be cultivated anywhere because it has specific agro climatic condition for cultivation.

Industrial hemp can be cultivated in lower Himalayan region of India.

No, we cannot grow industrial hemp for personal use because cultivation of hemp requires license from concerned authorities.

No, hemp seed oil is not a drug. It does not contain any psychoactive substance.

Industrial hemp plants became mature in 3 to 5 months.

Maturity period of hemp plant is 3 to 5 months, therefore, we can harvest hemp two to three times a year.

No, we cannot grow Hemp in Rajasthan because it does not have the require temperature, rainfall and soil.

Yes, hemp base pharma products are scientifically proven according to WHO reports.