Will I Get High? People in Utter Muddle as Hemp Hits Menu

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Hemp-based eatables are flourishing in the Indian market, but lack of awareness has led to an utter muddle amongst the people. Will I get high, is amongst the most asked question when people see hemp products. Many still confuse hemp with marijuana.


The hemp plant belongs to the same species as marijuana, but hemp is quite different and lacks psychoactive properties. Thanks to FSSAI for allowing hemp seeds to be sold as food and used as an ingredient in food for sale as per the new guidelines in November 15th 2021.

Emerging startups are capitalizing on the hemp market and new products infused with hemp are shelving stores across India. But what makes it different from weed or marijuana needs more awareness. Hemp seeds are a rich source of nutrition and offer health benefits.

Hemp seeds can be directly consumed in the form of hemp hearts or hulled hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, and flour or powder. Hemp as an eatable is not a new idea brought down to the table, instead, it is used in food for ages. In Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, hemp seeds are used to make tangy bhang sauce, added in vegies and flavored salt.

As the hemp plant poses tremendous nutritional properties, chefs are keen on experimenting with this new key ingredient.  It can be used in smoothies, salads, vegetables, dal, and extract vegan milk from hemp hearts for lactose intolerant individuals.

It is easy to find hemp chocolates, loaves of bread, and pasta in the streets and it does not get you high. This Diwali, hemp eatables were amongst the most picked gift items and scaled up the use of hemp products in India. It is an emerging market and has the potential to rise in the future.

Hemp CBD products like oil, topical, and gummies are suitable for medical use, and have shown positive results in different medical conditions like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia, and symptoms related to cancer treatment.


Cannabis or Hemp is a rich source of nutrition that can be infused into a daily diet. Many restaurants and cafes are pushing forward the use of hemp products in eatable and surely it is one of the effective means to normalize hemp in Indian society.

It is important to wipe out the stigma associated with hemp and educate people about the difference between marijuana and hemp consumption. You can enjoy hemp hearts for omega 3 and omega 6, benefits or eat hemp flour for boosting immunity and gaining energy. Hemp is not a drug, and surely it won’t get you high, Happy snacking.

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