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The Company’s target is around acquisition as well as joint collaboration with organizations/industries across all areas of the modern hemp enterprises with an end goal to manufacture a “soil to-shelf for Hemp. There is an ideal tempest not too far off for the hemp business, as there is a huge financial crumch for job creation and tax collection in many nations all throughout the globe, alongside a solid interest for feasible advancements, low carbon imprint. Industrial hemp can give a significant contribution to a number of these vital arrangements. By vertical as well as horizontal direction collaboration and networking, the company can be focused around endeavors that will increase income, revenue and scale of operation. The ultimate goal of this company is to establish a global Hemp empire through acquisition and collaboration.

Founder of niche group

Harisharan Devgan

Founder of Niche Group

Farmer by Heart & Soul – Harisharan Devgan, also known as Karan Devgan, embodies a spirit of true agripreneur.
With his never giving up and always hopeful attitude, he has achieved remarkable success in developing new techniques in natural farming and water management. His expertise of mixing old school farming methods with new techniques earned him laurels. In 2017 he was awarded with “Organic Farmer of the Year” Award, a highly recognized & prestigious award by Delhiites acknowledging his hardwork and inspiring journey.

" Once a Farmer, Always a Farmer. " - Harisharan Devgan


Promote industrial hemp in India, communicate benefits and bring together, companies or people who wants to be a part of Hemp network in the industry, be it in production, marketing or sales, and thus unite us on a common interest in the company involving vertical achievements and social upliftment.


Become the ultimate union that legally represents the Indian hemp industry, promote and protect its trade, promote economic growth, develop small farmers and care for the environment.


  • Transparency and fairness.
  • Sustainability
  • Innovative and creative culture.
  • Proximity and inclusive attitude with our socio-economic environment.

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Niche Agriculture Limited with experience of more than 20 years in organic farming and advanced technologies, plans to diversify its business into hemp cultivation and processing after getting adequate licences from concerned Governments and reimaging the future of Hemp Cultivation. We innate power to redefine the experience of farming and advocating Industrial Hemp to build a future that rests in sustainability and optimisation.