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Niche Agriculture & Pharmaceuticals Limited (NAPL), knows its social responsibility. Under CSR schemes, NAPL has three major focus area for its CSR program. The focus areas are I. Farming Assistance II. Environment sustainability and III. Vocational training for skill development.  As an organic farming company, NAPL has a vast pool of knowledge on farming, agribusiness and advanced agriculture technologies. NAPL helps the rural people to have the knowledge and expertise to farm profitably and also gives platforms to start agribusiness by providing raw material and training programs free of cost.


Farming and agro industries are keenly related to environment sustainability. Farming can only sustain when the environment itself is sustained. NAPL is taking various steps to make the environment sustainable

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Niche Agriculture Limited with experience of more than 20 years in organic farming and advanced technologies, plans to diversify its business into hemp cultivation and processing after getting adequate licences from concerned Governments and reimaging the future of Hemp Cultivation. We innate power to redefine the experience of farming and advocating Industrial Hemp to build a future that rests in sustainability and optimisation.