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Hemp Paper Packaging: Ecological solution for Brands

Hemp paper packaging is a sustainable option for a business that is looking for greener packaging. Even though hemp paper packaging is only a diminutive band of the overall clarification to sustainability, it is a stepping stone towards a more sustainable future.

Mankind is destroying nature, and wiping out 60% of mammals, amphibians, sea creatures, and birds. Seemingly we are heading towards the end of sanity. Rapidly moving towards globalization, uncountable numbers of trees are being brought down resulting in global warming and worldwide ecological dis-balance. Unfortunately cutting down trees for unsustainable needs is forcing us towards climatic destruction.

The Paper industry is known to be a backbone for the education & corporate sector. It also helps produce a range of different papers like glossy sheets, tissues, and paper-based packaging, as these industries account for 14-15% of overall wood consumption and are also responsible for 33 – 40% of all industrial wood international traders.

It is not a mystery as to why relying on hemp for the human race & sustainable business is the best option. Today this guide will help to shed a light on some greener solutions by highlighting the role and importance of hemp-derived ecofriendly paper.

History of Hemp as Paper

The hemp plant has been harvested for centuries and has been used to produce a number of products. The hemp plant has been used for treating various health conditions and curating paper, fiber, clothes, and construction material. The hemp plant is close to humankind and has been linked to many religious beliefs. Although the hemp plant is good for curating effective health supplements, still it is also suitable for making paper.

In the late 20th century, the hemp paper market started dwindling, and wood pulp paper gained much popularity. Looking up all the climatic problems, it is suitable to promote the use of hemp-based paper for packaging, shipping, and even in school books. It would help reduce the cutting down of millions of trees across the world and help in boosting the ecofriendly alternative.

Hemp paper for stationery or hemp packaging over wood pulp papers nowhere stands in terms of sustainability in front of hemp paper.

Hemp Paper Packaging

Hemp fibers are extracted from the hemp stalk by seemingly breaking it up a distinction to which wood fiber is laborious to separate from the lignin inside it. Additionally, it is also important to know that hemp pulp can be used to create hemp paper. Producing wood pulp-based paper requires the separation of wood fiber from lignin. After this step wood pulp can be extracted. On the other hand, producing hemp-based paper is less complicated and requires fewer raw materials.

Boosting Hemp based paper packaging can be the first step in promoting eco-friendly alternatives and help reduce the constant destruction of forest cover. Tress is an important part of the ecosystem, destroying them can lead to tremendous dis-balance in our ecosystem. We know it can promote soil erosion, wildlife extinction, global warming, and disturbance in the rain cycle.

Accepting hemp in paper packaging can help humankind in sustainable development and help in protecting Mother Nature. The hemp plant is easy to grow, requires less water, and can be harvested every six years. It is best to switch to hemp paper as soon as possible and promote it for the benefit of mankind.

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